Deep breathing and detoxification

In holistic healing the patient becomes the healer and the first thing we learn is how to detoxify the body.

Science has discovered that very deep diaphragmatic breathing is the most effective way to detoxify the body.

Deep breathing can immediately increase the energy of your body dramatically. Therefore it is recommended that one focuses on breathing exercises.

Deep breathing is done in the following manner:

You breathe in for 7 seconds and hold your breathe for 28 seconds and breathe out for 14 seconds. This is one cycle and you must do 10 cycles at one sitting. You must do one session in the morning and one at noon and the last one in the later part of the afternoon.

If you find it difficult to hold for 28 seconds in the beginning, you may change the ratio to breathing in for 4 seconds and holding for 16 seconds and breathing out for 8 seconds.

The reason why you hold your breathe for 4 times as long is that it helps to fully oxygenate the blood and activate the lymphatic system.

If the lymphatic system shuts down for 24 hours you would die as a result of trapped excess fluids throughout your cells.

The blood system has got a pump, the heart. The lymphatic system does not have a pump and the only way to stimulate it is by deep breathing and muscular movement.

When too little fluid is supplied to the body the toxins are not properly eliminated therefore poisoning the body by its own excretion. Every day billions of cells die and billions of new ones are created.

The waste from the old cells will only be properly eliminated if you have enough water to cleanse it. Otherwise the waste begins to accumulate in your circulatory system and causes poisoning which leads to disease.

To prove this theory you may get your blood tested to see that the red blood cells that are carrying oxygen to you are not sticking together.

Most people eat too much fatty foods that cause the red blood cells to stick together, making them move slowly through the bloodstream so you get less oxygen and less energy which weakens the body.

By deep breathing for 10 days, three times a day you will not only lose weight but the red blood cells will no longer be sticking together, thus allowing more oxygen into the system. After 10 days you may get your blood re-tested to prove that it is not just a theory but scientific.

By healthy breathing you do not feel hungry because your body is getting what it needs most.

The amount of water you should drink should be dictated by your thirst.

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